Automotive / Truck / Heavy Equipment Salvage Near You

Dispose of Unwanted Vehicles and Equipment with 360 Industrial Group

If you have ever dealt with cars or large materials you no longer needed, you know the amount of space these items can take up. Large materials, including cars, trucks, buses, or other pieces of heavy equipment, can be intimidating to dispose of, only because many people do not know what to do with them once they no longer work. At 360 Industrial Group, we offer top dollar for all of your unwanted automotive and heavy equipment salvage, right at our facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey. You can be assured when you bring your surplus materials to us, you will receive the proper compensation and these materials will be repurposed for use in the future.

Our Automotive Salvage Process

For many who have an old truck or vehicle sitting around, the issue with disposal is they do not know which parts may still have value. At 360 Industrial Group, we take care of all the work for you. For example, if you bring us a truck with a blown motor, we will buy it for its value based on its salvageable elements. Then, we will dismantle it and salvage any pieces that are still usable, whether it be the wheels, doors, muffler, transmission, or any other parts that can be repurposed. We then properly dispose of the remaining unusable parts. The process continues with the fact that we offer high-quality used truck parts and engines we thoroughly inspect and test to ensure their reliability, at a fraction of the price of purchasing them from the dealer. Our automotive and heavy equipment salvage process goes hand-in-hand with our scrap metal recycling service, since we will take these unwanted items off of your hands, salvage what we can, and repurpose them.

Trust the Experts with Your Salvageable Equipment

When you need to dispose of an old truck or piece of heavy equipment, bringing it to 360 Industrial Group is the most beneficial option. Think about it- would you rather get paid for your item and know its parts will be saved and reused, or leave it sitting on your property collecting dust? Dismantling the car yourself will only be frustrating, and you might end up throwing away the parts you didn’t even know had value. At 360 Industrial Group, we take care of the process for you, and you’ll receive all the money you’re owed for your old car or equipment.

Comprehensive Salvage Services in NJ

No matter what type of vehicle or piece of heavy equipment you need to dispose of, 360 Industrial Group is here to help. When you drop off your materials with us, we will make sure all salvageable parts are saved and repurposed, so nothing goes to waste and you get paid for what you provide. If you have any questions about our automobile and equipment salvage process or any of our other services, please contact us today! We look forward to working with you.