What Happens at an Automotive Salvage Yard?

If you did not already know, the transportation industry is huge, particularly when it comes to cars and vehicles on the roads. If you need proof, just think about all of the cars in front of you the next time you are stuck in rush-hour traffic while on your way home from work. Producing automobiles is such an enormous business, it ultimately can create a substantial amount of waste too as cars get old and people discard them to buy new vehicles. When it comes to handling the remains of automobile manufacturing, the auto salvage industry and auto salvage yards play key roles in managing out-of-service vehicles. Read on to learn more about what actually happens at an auto salvage yard.

The Automotive Salvage Process: How It Works

Auto salvage is when someone takes wrecked, old, or unwanted vehicles and sells valuable parts for money or for recycling and refurbishing. At a salvage yard, this process happens continuously throughout the day, beginning with “pre-treatment,” which is when the car is taken apart and drained of any fluids in order to prevent leaking. In addition, the gas tank, tires, and batteries are also removed, which these pieces can also be sold or reused in another vehicle or function depending on how they have held up and their value on the market. Next, workers at the salvage yard will examine the remaining components of the vehicle, such as engine parts, windows, and more. They will then decide to repair it, sell different parts, or refurbish the vehicle. Any parts that have deteriorated too far can also be recycled as scrap metal. This process continues until all of the usable parts have been taken out of the vehicle. At this point, interior fixtures will be removed so that the body and frame of the car can be crushed and recycled, as well. At the end of the day, what started as an old, broken, or wrecked car has now been stripped apart, sold, recycled, or repaired, helping to deal with automotive waste in a realistic and convenient fashion.

Why You Should Consider Auto Salvage

Auto salvage is a rare win-win situation for all parties involved. If you have an old car, chances are you want to get rid of it, but not spend a lot of time, money, or effort in doing so. At the same time, as you salvage the vehicle, it will either be recycled, donated to charity, or given to a junkyard where professionals can take care of the rest. Not only does this help control the vehicle’s environmental impact, but it will also benefit your bank account. When it comes down to it, holding on to an old vehicle means it will be sitting on your property collecting dust and losing value. By salvaging it, you have the chance to gain money that you can put towards a new car!

How to Get Started with Salvaging Your Vehicle

Most people are not thinking about how they will eventually dispose of their vehicle when they are at the dealership looking to buy a new one. Also, taking apart a car by yourself can be an extremely difficult and frustrating process. Calling in a professional can help you learn what parts of your old vehicle are still valuable, dismantle, and dispose of the car. You can make money while saving you tons of time, effort, and energy.

Auto Salvage Yards Near You

If you have an old, wrecked, or unwanted vehicle, then finding an auto salvage professional to take it off your hands is the best decision for you. At 360 Industrial Group, we offer the best value for all of your unwanted vehicles and heavy equipment salvage, directly at our center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. We can ensure when you bring your surplus materials to us, you will get the appropriate compensation and know that these materials will be repurposed for use in the future. To learn more about 360 Industrial Group and our services, contact us today. We will be happy to help salvage your vehicle.

pile of scrap metal at recycling yard