Top 4 Safety Considerations for a Demolition

Construction can be a very dangerous job, especially when it’s demolition day! While it might seem straightforward from the outside looking in, there are a lot of variables that go into a safe demolition, from equipment and workers to the environment, safety is a key aspect of this job. Taking the proper precautions on the construction site can save lives and ultimately make a better workplace overall. Between tight project deadlines and other pressures to get the job done, sometimes safety can slip to the back of our minds. Whether these precautions take one minute or one hour to implement, it is important that they are taken care of regardless. Safety is a major priority on every construction site – so before you move forward with your demolition project, consider these four safety tips. 

Proper Demolition Equipment

Hard hats, gloves, masks, and steel-toe boots are all common pieces of equipment worn by construction professionals. These can help save lives, but also prevent injuries that could otherwise take someone out of work or bring them a great deal of discomfort. Confirming that your employees have this equipment and more is vital to safety. There is no excuse as this only takes a few minutes to check before starting the workday. There are other types of equipment on the job site as well. Some are specific to demolition and will help the project run smoothly when used correctly. Before starting any new job, make sure that your workers have the tools they need and are properly trained in how to safely use them. Making sure workers are wearing the right protective equipment and using the right tools the proper way can go a long way in keeping everyone involved safe and risk-free. 

Double Check Before Demolishing

If you have ever gotten in the car just to realize you left something important for work inside your house, then you know that feeling can be frustrating at the moment. Just like you would take the time to go back inside and gather your belongings – taking the time to double-check that an area is clear before demolishing it is a necessity. Always make sure to do a final sweep before beginning demolition. This means checking out every room, bathroom, closet, and so on, in order to ensure nobody gets left behind. Doing so is the best way to prevent accidents from happening, and will give you peace of mind when you do eventually give the green light to begin the demolition.

Be Prepared on Demolition Day 

A big part of being prepared for your demolition is having experienced employees. Anything can happen on the job site. When it comes to staying safe, you want employees who will know how to react to different situations and take leadership of the project at hand. Although on the job experience is great, the right training contributes significantly to ensure that your employees are up to the task, as well. Oftentimes during demolitions, employees will have to handle explosive or dangerous materials – triple check that the workers are qualified so that you can keep the construction site safe.

Clean Up Debris 

Even though you just knocked it down, a big part of demolitions is cleaning up the debris that remains. Failing to clean up a job site can put others in danger, harm a property, and slow down future developments in that location. In order to clean up safely, once again make sure that all employees have the proper clothing, equipment, and protection before stepping back onto the job site. 

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