6 Signs That It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Deciding when to remodel your kitchen can be a bit tricky. Feeling intimidated by the process can make you think that maybe you can hold off for a little longer, but there are some telltale signs to look out for that indicate that your kitchen definitely needs a facelift. If your kitchen checks any or all of the boxes below, then it is most likely begging to be redone, and the experts at 360 Industrial Group are here to help you make it happen. Keep reading to determine if it’s time to give your kitchen the upgrade it needs.

1.  You Feel Like You’re in a Time Machine

If you walk into your kitchen and feel like you’ve gone back in time, then your kitchen needs a makeover ASAP. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so you should make it a place where people want to gather and make memories together. Updating your kitchen will give your home a fresh new feel and allow you to enjoy the space even more, whether you are sitting down for breakfast or cooking a meal for family and friends.

2. Lack of Organization

If your cabinets are just holes in the walls where you throw pots, pans, and Tupperware, then you’re missing out on some revolutionary modern kitchen storage options. The amount of in-cabinet storage options you can choose from is unbelievable. You can organize your whole kitchen and make cleaning up a breeze when you remodel and have the opportunity to start over with your cabinetry and storage space.

3. You Don’t Like Your Space, So You Don’t Host

If you love cooking and hosting but you never do so because you either dislike your space or it’s simply not functional, it’s time to remodel your kitchen. Regain your ability to host friends and family! Giving your space a new life will make the investment, time, and effort totally worth it. You’ll find yourself spending more time with friends and family, not eating out as much (and therefore not spending as much money), and just enjoying your home more every single day.

4. Little to No Counter Space

When cooking a meal for guests that has a main course and sides, do you find yourself lacking the space you need?  If you’re using your kitchen table or other non-countertop spaces to place dishes or prepare your meals, then it’s pretty obvious that you’re in need of some more counter space. One of the biggest complaints of homeowners is the lack of space in their kitchen, which eventually deters them from using it! Remodeling your kitchen will not only enhance your ease of use but will also increase the amount of enjoyable time you spend in your kitchen.

5. Outdated Appliances Taking Forever

When you realize that your appliances are taking up more of your time to cook because they don’t work like they used to, then it’s definitely time for you to look into preparing for a kitchen remodel. Redoing your kitchen means getting new appliances, like a new oven and stovetop, to match your upgraded design. This will help the entire space feel fresh and exciting and make every meal easier.

6. You’re Looking to Sell Your Home

One of the number one things, buyers are concerned with when shopping for a new home is an updated kitchen. Making your kitchen look brand new can change a buyer’s perspective of your entire home, and can make or break their choice to purchase your home. Whether you are looking for ways to up the resale value of your home down the road or are just looking to sell, remodeling and updating your kitchen is a must.

 Get Your Kitchen Remodel Started with Help from 360 Industrial Group

When remodeling your kitchen, starting from scratch is the best way to go, because it allows you to make core changes that will shape the rest of your kitchen design.  Gutting your kitchen with help from 360 Industrial Group is the best way to ensure that your project will be a success. We put great care into each project we work on, ensuring safety and professionalism each step of the way. We take care of the entire gutting process, from demolition to debris cleanup. We’ll make sure that the structural integrity of your home is not compromised, gas and electrical lines are properly removed or covered during the demolition process, and appliances are removed properly. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced company to gut your kitchen is key when remodeling, and we are here for you! To learn more about our kitchen gutting services as well as our other demolition, debris removal, and salvage services, please contact us today.

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