4 Ways to Prepare for Spring Cleaning

We all know the feeling of when spring finally rolls around and you still have all your holiday décor, presents, and miscellaneous items scattered all over your home. It’s time to make a fresh start for yourself by purging, cleaning, and organizing your space to fit the things you actually need. Doing this will help you recognize the items you don’t use, and get rid of them or begin making use of them, as well as give your space a clean new start and make room for new things to come. Continue reading to discover four ways to prepare for spring cleaning. 

1.     Break It Down 

As you’re going through and decluttering, it always seems that you expect to have less junk than you really do, or you find yourself thinking ‘it’s not that bad’ until you start sorting through it all. When you realize how much you have accumulated over the years, it can be overwhelming and make you less motivated to get the job done. Begin cleaning and organizing one section at a time as this does not have to be a one day project! Going through two small drawers in your desk and just throwing away the older items you no longer use can make a big difference. Breaking down the process in smaller sections can make it much more manageable and you’re more likely to see it through to completion. 

2.     Make Sure You’re Prepared

When getting ready for spring cleaning, preparation is key. Rather than filling up tons of garbage bags, you should strongly consider renting a dumpster. A dumpster rental will allow you to get your cleaning and purging done much faster. It will also ensure that you will have enough space to toss the things you’re getting rid of without disrupting your flow or interrupting the purging process. In other words, play it safe and get a dumpster if you planning on purging your home this spring cleaning season! 

3.     Make Lists of Specific Areas You Want to Purge

Making a list for yourself before you begin your spring-cleaning extravaganza may help significantly! Focus on the key areas of your home that you want to declutter such as storage closets, attics, coat closets, bathroom cabinets or anywhere else you’re looking to cleanout. Tackling them first will help you get through your spring cleaning much easier. After taking on the parts of your home that are going to require more cleaning out, then head to the smaller more manageable areas like the classic ‘junk drawer’ or cleaning closet, etc. By the time you get to the smaller areas, you’ll be a purging pro and your spring-cleaning will go by quickly and smoothly. 

4.     Be Strict with Yourself

One of the hardest parts of spring-cleaning is deciding what you truly do and don’t need. Sometimes we can get a little attached to objects and items we don’t actually use and end up keeping them for no reason. When preparing for spring cleaning, make piles of things you plan on keeping, throwing away, or donating and be strict and make rules or standards for yourself – for example, if you haven’t used something within the past two years, it gets thrown out. For bulkier items and even furniture, it can also be useful to take different colored stickers and assign each color a meaning whether it be throw away, sell or keep, as this will allow you to keep things efficient by having these items marked prior to actually moving them to their respective ‘pile’. If you have additional help you can even make teams of who is responsible for moving items out, while the others go through label items or sort through smaller spaces like the drawers and closets.

Easy Spring Cleaning with 360 Industrial Group

360 Industrial Group provides dumpster services and garbage trucks for your next home cleanout. Located in East Rutherford, NJ, our professional team makes spring cleaning a breeze by providing the accessibility of having a dumpster or garbage truck right outside your door, and reduces the mess from cleaning out your home or business space. We also provide debris removal services, which allow you to complete any home project with ease, whether it be remodeling or reorganizing. Contact us today to learn more about our additional services and how we can assist you with your spring cleaning needs today!